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Due to changes in corporate strategy and the current world-wide financial crisis, the Kelowna Flightcraft Group of Companies has decided to concentrate on the Canadian domestic market and as such all international activities are slowly being divested by the Group. One of the companies previously owned by the Kelowna Flightcraft Group, Kelowna Flightcraft Modifications Ltd., has been purchased by Mike Sizeland and Bob Monaghan (two former senior executives of the Kelowna Flightcraft Group) along with Steve Davidson (formerly of Colonial Aerospace Group). Primary amongst its various activities, Kelowna Flightcraft Modifications Ltd. was/is responsible for the Mi-8/17 Avionics Upgrade Programmes. Kelowna Flightcraft Modifications Ltd. is being rebranded as AVM Solutions (Kelowna) Inc. and is moving forward with all of the current contracts in place.

AVM Solutions has acquired all data, intellectual property, tooling and production rights for the fabrication of modification kits, equipment supply and installation of the Honeywell/Kelowna AUP into the Mi-17 series of helicopters. In addition, during the initial transition period, AVM Solutions will use (under contract to Kelowna Flightcraft Ltd.) the Kelowna Flightcraft Group’s production facilities for the fabrication of parts and modification kit assembly as well as installation of such modification kits and equipment onto the customer’s platform. This process will ensure a seamless transition and thereby afford our customers the benefit of maintaining the ability to capiltalise on the low risk and cost effective upgrades that have been previously delivered by Kelowna Flightcraft Modifications.

As set out above, the contract and technical management team of AVM Solutions are moving over from the Kelowna Flightcraft Group in conjunction with their acquisition of AVM Solutions. Again, this ensures that the transition of capabilities and product delivery is seamless and low risk to the end customer.

A major advantage of this new structure and relationship with the Kelowna Flightcraft Group is that AVM Solutions is now able to offer more flexible avionics upgrade solutions to our customers. This can be completed as either a complete ”turn-key solution” or, as required by some customers, AVM Solutions will work with the customer and/or any other qualified local industry partner(s) in the fabrication of modification kits and/or installation and testing phases of the programme.